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The bakehouse in Strang was one of the first projects planned and implemented in the village renewal.

On October 16, 2004, the newly renovated bakehouse in Strang was officially inaugurated.

The baking community usually meets once a month to bake together and then enjoy the freshly baked delicacies in a cozy atmosphere.

The baking community has been a registered association since summer 2008. There is a board of directors consisting of 5 members. The association currently has 46 members.

The baking community carries out various events, such as baking for the “Kirmesansingen”.

In cooperation with other associations, e.g. the nature experience country, the participants of the lantern procession are fed. The bakehouse is also heated up when kindergarten or school groups or other associations and groups are in the mood for a traditional baking treat. Then, freshly baked cakes, pizza or pretzels are prepared.

Further information and current baking dates can be found on the website of the baking community Elnrode-Strang.